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Who We Are and What We Do

We Make It Easy and Fun to Help Others. Join us to BUILD YOUR GIVING MUSCLES 

IFEANYI ENERGY HUB FOUNDATION, located in the heart of Lagos Nigeria, is a fitness and charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need by running to exercise the body and by giving to the destitute in our community. With the dedication of our volunteers, team members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community by programmes such as Run N Give  (we have done over 9 editions since 2020) and free medical outreaches as well as distribution of over 2,000 mosquito nets. Kindly contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change and making the world a better place.

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How We Help

Paving the Way to a Better Tomorrow


Feeding and clothing the Destitute in our community

One of the main reasons IFEANYI ENERGY HUB FOUNDATION was founded in 2020 was to create a community of people who see giving as an exercise that is essential to helping people who are homeless and struggling to feed by fusing fitness with charity, wherebythe team chooses a location, and run towards that location food items for those in extreme poverty and who find it hard to get daily meals as well as clothesto wear.. We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

Fighting Poverty

One of our goals is to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in Lagos state and Nigeria at large (beggars,  crippled, homeless etc) are safe and have their basic needs taken care of. With your participation in our Run N give fitness programmes (were you actually exercise your body muscles to stay healthy -by running,  and by exercising your giving muscles by giving), your generous donations and volunteering efforts, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavour of Fighting Poverty through our make it easy and fun to give events. Contact us to learn more.


Body fitness and wellness

One of our goals is to ensure people understand the importance of exercising to keep fit, as well as mind and body wellness.  So we meet every weekend to get drilled by our fitness coach and do our daily exercise routines at our various homes. Would you like to join? Contact us now!

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Ifeanyi Emmanuel Erikposi 

“Build your giving muscles ”

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Lagos, Nigeria


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